The Rocky Mountain Session 2016

Sept 22 – 25, Denver

Stay tuned for information on the 2017 Session!

There’s a new session for serious magicians. Join a group of like minded people to share ideas, routines, and techniques to grow our art.


Bill Abbott

Bill is an internationally acclaimed entertainer with over 5000 performances in 11 countries. He’s written 9 books and over 40 online articles.

Caleb Wiles

Caleb Wiles

Caleb is an author, creator, a columnist for Genii, and an all-around nice guy! Linking Ring Magazine calls Caleb “a new star on the magic horizon!”

Mark Strivings

Mark is full-time mentalist who performs 450 shows per year. He’s written over 25 books, released nearly 20 videos, and has over 60 limited-release commercial items.

Steve Reynolds

Steve is one of magic’s underground sensations. A technician of the finest caliber, his magic is powerful, deceptive, and relatively simple to perform.

Dealers Include

Todd Lassen
Mark Strivings
Dave Neighbors
Bill Abbott
Joe Anderson
Kainoa Harbottle
Marcus Eddie

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