Join a group of like minded people to share ideas, routines, and techniques to grow our art. Learn from the very best magicians over three days.

2017 Lecturers

Lance Pierce

Close-up Magician

Lance has performed both full and part time over decades, from bar mitzvahs to weddings to the world-famous Malone’s Magic Bar in Boca Raton.

Paul Vigil

Close-up and Parlor Magician

Paul is an award-winning performer, inventor, and lecturer. His three-year run at The Mirage Hotel & Casino garnered ecstatic reviews.

Curtis Kam

Parlor Magician

Curtis headlined “Magic in Paradise” at the Hale Koa Hotel for 13 years and has entertained corporate and private audiences in Hawaii for over 40 years.

Tyler Wilson

Close-up Magician

Tyler is a creator of magic and has published his material across more books and magazines than you can twerk a stick at.

Mike Pisciotta

Bar Magician

Mike performs nightly behind the bar at the Magic Castle and was recently named close-up magician of the year by the AMA.

2017 Dealers

Ryan Plunkett

Close-Up Magician

Ryan lives in Chicago and is a highly sought-after magic consultant and creator. Ryan has published two books; A New Angle and Some Assembly Required.

Greg Loschen

Close-up Magician and Dealer

Greg has worked as a pitchman and is the founder of The Playing Card Custom Shop. He makes furniture and props made from recycled playing cards. See him in the dealer room!

Mark Strivings

Close-up Magician and Mentalist

Mark is full-time mentalist who performs 450 shows per year. He’s written over 25 books, released nearly 20 videos, and has over 60 limited-release commercial items.

Craig Ousterling

Close-up Magician and Dealer

Craig has been an amateur magician for 30 years but for the past couple he’s been designing the ultimate version of the standard Okito box. It’s a must see!

Dave Neighbors

Close-up Magician

Dave is a master of coin magic having written over 20 books on the topic. He has created brilliant routines for every trick and plot imaginable. You can get his books in the dealer room!

Joe Anderson

Close-up Magician

Joe makes handcrafted wooden props and will be selling them in the dealers room. Be sure to see his magic wands and Tommy Wonder boxes.

Steve Reynolds

Close-Up Magician

Steve is one of magic’s underground sensations. A technician of the finest caliber, his magic is powerful, deceptive, and relatively simple to perform.

A Few of the 2017 Attendees

William Rader

Close-up Magician and Mentalist

William lives in Denver and is the organizer of the RMS. He is also the Founder of WellAttended (ticketing software that helps entertainers increase their sales).

Pix Smith

Magician and Puppeteer

Pix Smith is Founding Director of the Dallas Puppet Theater and has been a puppeteer and Puppeteers of America member for over 35 years. See him in the Stars of Magic show.

Gene Gordon

Close-up Magician

Gene has been a professional magician for 30 years and is one of the best sleight of hand magicians in the West! He has attended the FFFF gathering since 2001.

Cuong Pham

Close-up Magician

Cuong is originally from Vietnam. He studies the works of Ed Marlo, Bill Malone, and Richard Turner. His sense of humor will brighten your day or at least make you smile.

Lauren Cohen

Close-up Magician

Lauren is a graphic designer by day and close-up magician by night (and weekends). Her primary love of magic revolves around cards and loves performing strolling magic.

Andrew bates

Close-up Magician

Andrew is a Choreographer, Director, Actor, and a past President of the Mile High Magician’s Society. He has directed their show for the past 2 years.

Shawn Popp

Close-up and Parlor Magician

Shawn is a professional magician in Denver and is the mind behind the app ShowCues, a sound control system which helps you to bring music to your shows.

Brandon Parker

Close-up and Parlor Magician

Brandon has been performing magic professionally for 10 years. He has a degree in Structural Engineering, but chose to pursue a career in magic. His passion is sleight of hand card magic.

Clay Hallman

Close-up Magician

Clay is an expert sleight of hand artist. His magic is well thought out and his soft touch turns ordinary tricks into miracles. Also, ask him to show you his slip and slide!

Dean Tellefson

Close-Up Magician

Dean is retired after a career in music but has pursued magic since he was 12 and released several tricks over the years. He still has great fun exploring both magic and music.

Gregg Tobo

Close-up and Parlor Magician

Gregg works with mathematics in unexpected ways. He can recite 1,149 digits of Pi from memory and ranks within the top 100 for Pi memorization.

Tommy Walker

Close-up Magician

Tommy is a freshman at the University of Denver and is working on his business degree. Despite his age, he has been studying the classics of magic for 10 years.

Mitch Harwood

Stage Magician

Mitch performs a variety of stage illusions and close-up magic and works for corporations and theatres. he enjoys performing classics and has a stunning dove act.

Brian Rudolph

Close-up Magician

Brian recently returned to magic after life relegated his interest to the back burner. He has developed a collector’s streak and is researching material for a gambling-themed close-up act.

Alec Mueller

Close-Up Magician

Alec is 15 years and he strives to modernize his passion for the current generation, but still keep the classic charm of magic in his performances. He enjoys magic and mentalism.

Ben Morris-Rains

Close-up Magician

Ben is 29 and has been studying close-up magic for 19 years. He is a lover of magic books and primarily enjoys creating his own unique sleights and effects.

Steve Davis

Close-Up Magician

Steve is based in Denver and was an Orthopedic Surgeon for over 50 years. He found magic later in life and is a strong supporter of the Mile High Magicians.

David Kuraya

Close-Up Magician

David is a middle school band teacher and a closeup/bar magician from Maui. He started The Attic Magic Bar in 2015 and makes appearances at Warren and Annabelle's show.

Tony Cabral

Close-Up Magician

Tony has spent the past twenty years specializing in card cheating—for entertainment purposes ONLY. He's based in Boston and works Fridays behind the bar at Legal Test Kitchen.

Elias Caress

Close-Up Magician

Elias is an award winning magician and variety entertainer. He’s the only person in the world who’s ever performed the Texas skip while barefoot on broken glass.

Cassidy Smith

Close-Up Magician

Cassidy is the President of the Oklahoma City Magic Club. He is a smart thinker and his original cups and ball moves are excellent.


The RMS is an awesome jam session with all of the live performances and training you would ever want. I had a blast!

Bill AbbottLecturer

A small, intimate convention that brings together an amazing array of heavy hitters and underground talent.

Gregg ToboPerformer

The RMS has it all: great camaraderie, a professional atmosphere, brilliant attendees, and most of all - amazing magic.

Andrew BatesAttendee

My lovely assistant and I had so much fun, we're going back every year! I learned several tricks that went straight into my act.

Elias CaressAttendee

One of the best conventions I've attended. It's rare to find a convention where you get to spend one-on-one time with the experts.

Tommy WalkerAttendee

3 Reasons to Attend

Reason No.

01. Lectures and Shows

Learn from magicians that you will see no where else. We invite underground magicians that rarely lecture. The intimate atmosphere allows you to see the magic up close.

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02. Dealers

Visit the dealers room to meet and purchase magic directly from the creators. See the latest from dealers from across the country.

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03. Sessions

Late night sessions are what we’re all about. Hang out with magicians like Dave Neighbors, Curtis Kam, Kainoa Harbottle, and many others.

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