Lance Pierce first showed an interest in magic when he was young, trying out his first magic trick when he was still in his single digits. From there it was Henry Hay’s The Amateur Magician’s Handbook, Walter Gibson’s The Complete Illustrated Book of Card Magic, and everything Martin Gardner ever wrote.

But it wasn’t until he was 22 and went to his very first magic convention that his interest in sleight-of-hand magic crystallized, thanks to a new friendship and the mentoring of Roger Klause. From there, Lance found himself influenced by Michael Skinner, Bob White, and many world-class magicians who continue a tradition of thoughtful and detailed magic stemming from Vernon and other giants in the field.

Over the years, Lance has field-tested and honed much of his thinking in restaurants, bars, at private parties, and corporate events. He’s performed both full and part time over decades, from bar mitzvahs to weddings to the world-famous Malone’s Magic Bar in Boca Raton, Florida, but he’s recently changed direction and found a new satisfaction in working primarily with magicians, behind the scenes and helping wherever he can. His current passion is finding more and better ways to give back to magic and magicians as much as he has benefited himself from those who’ve helped him every step of the way.

Recharmed I’m Sure

Watch Lance’s new handling of Troy Hooser’s now classic Charming Chinese Challenge. Three Chinese coins penetrate a ribbon one at a time. Lance uses his own custom made coins and has streamlined the handling over thousands of performances.

What People Are Saying

The RMS is an awesome jam session with all of the live performances and training you would ever want. I had a blast!

Bill AbbottLecturer

A small, intimate convention that brings together an amazing array of heavy hitters and underground talent.

Gregg ToboPerformer

The RMS has it all: great camaraderie, a professional atmosphere, brilliant attendees, and most of all - amazing magic.

Andrew BatesAttendee

My lovely assistant and I had so much fun, we're going back every year! I learned several tricks that went straight into my act.

Elias CaressAttendee

One of the best conventions I've attended. It's rare to find a convention where you get to spend one-on-one time with the experts.

Tommy WalkerAttendee

3 Reason to Attend

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01. Lectures and Shows

Learn from magicians that you will see no where else. We invite underground magicians that rarely lecture. The intimate atmosphere allows you to see the magic up close.

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02. Dealers

Visit the dealers room to meet and purchase magic directly from the creators. See the latest from dealers from across the country.

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03. Sessions

Late night sessions are what we’re all about. Hang out with magicians like Dave Neighbors, Curtis Kam, Kainoa Harbottle, and many others.

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